Reasons to stop using Drugs


Marijuana, cocaine and many other drugs have been around for the longest time, and many people nowadays use the drugs, be it for stress relief or addiction. But believe it, or not, there are so many reasons to stop using that dangerous stuff on your body, and on this article, we have listed several reasons (financial, jobs, and many more.) on why you should stop. Hopefully, by reading this post, you can stop using the drugs and able to continue to your life with no problems at all.

It can affect your career

Although it rarely happens, using drugs on your body can lead to losing your job. There are no rules about firing an employee for using drugs, but usually, it is due to the poor performance from your addiction, drug addicts are more likely to perform worse than those who don’t use drugs. The worst part is when you’re a regular marijuana user and is looking for a job, as they will require you to do a urine test, which can be spotted right away (Because marijuana needs around 45-90 days to get out from your body.) Here we have provided another post that you need to read about the urine test.

Tip: in desperate measures, you can always do a lot of exercises paired with a lot of liquid to help you get the drugs out of your body naturally from sweating or urinating.

It can affect your health, obviously

Using drugs such as cocaine, painkillers, marijuana can affect your health, and it is more than just addiction. Heroin or painkiller can lead to TBC (Tuberculosis), pneumonia, and abscesses, and the worst part of using drugs is that every drug will lead to extreme weight loss, malnutrition and a weaker immune system, which is something that you don’t want. While you still have the time, make sure you seek for rehabilitation, as they will give you the prescriptions you need and the therapy to make you drug-free.

Financial issues can happen

Using drugs can affect your finances, yes you’ve read it right. Drugs are not as cheap as getting candies in the store; a drug addict can spend between $150 and higher per day, which is a lot more than alcoholics which spends around $350 per month. A lot of drug addicts go to the extremes, such as selling anything they can just to buy more drugs, there are also cases where houses are being sold just to buy more drugs.